• 1887 – Little white building next to the road (Bainbridge Rd)

• 1925 – Little white building remodeled (coal oil lamps replaced with electric lights; coal stoves replaced by hot air furnace, horse shelters torn down and replaced with black top parking, ceiling supports changed from pillars to bridgework, new pews, floor carpeted, inside restrooms replaced outhouses, small nursery built, classrooms in the basement.

• 1946 – 1st annual congregational council (Jan 3)

• 1953 – Creation of a local church board composed of the ordained officials and 3 elected lay members.

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• 1957 – Pastor Samuel Brubaker retires and recommends that Conoy hire its first paid pastor to properly care for the growing congregation.

• 1958 – purchased first organ for worship

• 1958 – built and dedicated a church parsonage

• 1967 – Little white church building dismantled and rebuilt as a mission church near Harrisburg

• 1967 – Moved into existing building

• 1985 – remodeled existing building with addition of larger worship center (to be able to seat 400 with the use of the lobby/narthex)