Speaker: Scott Boyer
Title: Are You Stuck or Are You Growing?
Date: February 17, 2019

Synopsis: Scott shares a compelling message to encourage us in our spiritual growth. He relates the story of The Road to Emmaus from Luke 24:13-35 to us as Jesus is met as a stranger but encourages the disciples not to stay in their disbelief and sorrow but to remember that Jesus is with them during the process. The journey isn’t always easy but it changes us in incredible ways.

Speaker: Pastor Nick Ressler
Title: Counting the Cost
Date: February 24, 2019

Synopsis: To often we feel like the wool has been pulled over our eyes in our spiritual walk. We ask questions like: Why is this so hard? For some reason we have a belief that if we do the right things then God will do the right things by us. But, in reality, when we look at scripture we see that God actually says the road ahead is difficult. Jesus further challenges us by telling us to count the cost prior to starting the journey.

Speaker: Bishop Bryan Hoke
Title: Installation of Pastor Nick
Date: March 3, 2019

Synopsis: Bishop Bryan leads a time of thanksgiving to the leadership at Conoy for the many hours put in during the pastoral selection. He interviews Pastor Nick and Carissa and then leads the leaders and congregation in the official commitment of installation. Pastor Nick closes the service with some words of vision for the congregation.